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Making use of the strength of "life" and acceptance of "nature" in carrying out my photography and event planning.
Through my five years of settling on the island starting in 2003, I came to recognize how powerful life is and what it means to accept nature in a broad sense. On Ishigaki-shima I experienced planning maps for the Tourism Association, as well as writing, organizing, and publishing bulletins, I have since moved back to Tokyo, where my creative activities center around taking photographs, doing documentary photography by request. In the future I want to stay again on Ishigaki-shima, taking photos and holding photography workshops.


After growing up in Tokyo, Sally moved to Ishigaki-shima in 2003 and stayed there for five years until 2008. She has since transferred her base to Tokyo. Since holding her first solo exhibition, the Secret Garden, she has been actively engaging herself with work. She has also held a second solo exhibition called Delicious Colors, and a third titled "Earth Colors".

Works of Sally