pokke ichimaruyon

  • WEB
  • application development
  • animation
  • illustration
  • painting
  • advertisement planning
  • Graphic design
  • package design
  • fashion
Opens exhibits both in Japan and abroad. I want to spread the motifs of our island culture.
I work with the idea that "I take the things I see and feel and store them in the pocket of my soul, and then find ways to express them anywhere." I am trying to bring the meanings of songs and dances that have been passed down for centuries into my art. In my workshops in London, Taiwan, Okinawa, Tokyo and others, I am pursuing the creation of a space where people of any age or nationality can communicate naturally. From here on out I want to continue using the motifs of island culture in more works.


Born in 1980 in Okinawa, currently residing in Tokyo. With a personal style that cannot be boxed-in, including illustrations in advertising media, wall paintings, live painting and workshops, she is active across a broad spectrum both domestic and internationally.

Works of pokke104