• Graphic design
  • wool felt work
  • dyed goods
Creating Love&Peace works while giving thanks to the bounty of the island.
My work have gone full-force since setting up the shop "Teshigoto Ichi" on Ishigaki-shima. I do wool felt work, dyeing, and logo and flyer design. This island is a treasure trove of natural materials and energy, and I want to use the wisdom of our predecessors, mixed with various things, to try and make something interesting. I also want to give form to the benefits received from continued meditation and yoga. I hope to live in the here and now, never forgetting the blessings of nature, and engage in creating humbly.


Visited Ishigaki-shima from Tokyo for an opportunity working part-time at a resort hotel. Moved permanently after being captivated by the island. Runs a shop for wool felt works and dyed goods, and does flyer design for events.

Works of oogomadara