Nest Designs Aya Motoyanagi
OKINAWORKs Aya Motoyanagi

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  • jewelry design
Expressing the beauty of Yaeyama through the medium of jewelry.
Through involvement in the ART④YAEYAMA exhibit, I started to think that I wanted to express the charm of Yaeyama to people, and started working in that direction. I currently create jewelry targeted at 20-30 year old women as "OKINAWORKs", and run the handmade accessories and woodworks shop "T&A ISHIGAKI" along with Yasutaka Tsuzuki. Ishigaki-shima is blessed with colorful scenery and people have flocked here from all kinds of different backgrounds. We hope to make the people who are close to us and have supported us happy through our work.


Currently residing on Ishigaki-shima. She learned about fashion art accessories at Hiko Mizuno's jewelry college. She founded “Nest Designs” in 2010 after wandering Western Australia,

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