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Ishigaki-shima Rich Nature, Wellspring of Creative Power Painting the Fusion of Sea and Forest on Canvas
Focused on painting, I also work at creating general goods, and I sell my works at the Okinawa Prefectural Museum. I value how to express the appeal of molding that comes from the close nature, the richness of subtropical colors, and the fusion of sea and forest. Ishigaki-shima is the theme of my work itself, and by studying the changes in each season, my imagination wells up. In the future I want to publish my works here on Ishigaki-shima.


Born on Ishigaki-shima. Currently residing in Naha. Went freelance after graduating from Musashino Art University and working as an Art Teacher, Vice-Principal, School Principal for 30 years in the Naha district. Has had many works accepted at Okiten and other various exhibitions in the painting category.

Works of narumi