mirai de sign Tomoko Nehara
mirai de sign Tomoko Nehara

  • illustration
  • Graphic design
  • package design
I use the inspiration that arises from living on the island as the source of my work.
I began creating things through a desire to make use of the things I enjoy while spreading the originality of the island. Currently I work in ad design and in making original cloth works. The source of my inspiration comes from live living here among the smell of the forests and the salty sea air on Ishigaki-shima. Going forward, I hope to use the island's native materials as a motif and create original goods which attract people to the nature and culture of Ishigaki-shima.


Moved to Ishigaki-shima 17 years ago, and married a resident of the island. Mother of 2, she works on logo design, illustration and package design for aroma massage companies and orchards while living on the island.

Works of mirai de sign Tomoko Nehara