• textile design
Designing textiles and crafting items using motifs of the plants and animals of Okinawa.
I started making objects from the time I first ventured into the art field, and launched my creative career under the name of “MIMURI” while I was in college in Tokyo. I returned to Ishigaki-shima in order to re-examine my roots when I was 26. I realized the abundance of its nature, felt gracious, and began to sketch the plant and animal life of the island. Even since moving my work to Naha, I strive to maintain this style while designing textiles. I have created bags, wallets, accessories and more that give shape to the motifs of Okinawa that I love so much, allowing them to be carried around in daily life.


Born on Ishigaki-shima. Opening a studio shop in Naha, she has works for sale and on display on JTA flights, creates original textiles and products for Kanucha Resort, and sells products in department stores and galleries as well.

Works of MIMURI