Maki Ueda

  • aroma artist
As a pioneer in "aroma art". I want to excavate the charming aromas of the island.
As an olfactory, aroma artist, I was active in Europe before moving my work to Ishigaki-shima, where I now turn scents into products. Ishigaki-shima's tropical climate gives it a plethora of aromas over the course of a year. In order to spread the fun and excitement of the island's aromas, I want to run workshops to extract scents from its characteristic plants, aroma discover tours, and original activities while finding new charm in Ishigaki-shima.


Moved to Ishigaki-shima after working as an artist in the Netherlands. In addition to being featured in art museums around the world, she does research and development on aromas at the request of companies domestically and abroad, and works at perfume blending and on-stage aroma performances.

Works of MAKI UEDA