• Graphic design
  • package design
Cherishing a creative process only possible on this island, thinking deeply together, and pursuing abundantly imaginative design.
I moved to the island after I worked as a designer at a company, involved in a variety of planning and design. I work freelance now on tour pamphlets, business cards, logos and posters. During my work on the commercial and industrial association booklet "Nuchigafu," I collaborated and connected with people from various fields, and I was struck by their friendliness. In the future I want to encounter wonderful paper art here on Ishigaki-shima, and engage in activities to spread the joy of handcrafts.


Born in Kobe. Moved to Ishigaki-shima after experiencing various creative businesses. Has been involved in the design of various paper goods, including the "Ishigaki-shima Creative Flag Creators File".

Works of KiaOra