HAPPY DESIGN Ritsuko Tadaki
HAPPY DESIGN Ritsuko Tadaki

  • WEB
  • illustration
  • advertisement planning
  • creative direction
  • Graphic design
  • package design
Applying the concept of "HAPPY DESIGN" to graphic and package design.
Ever since I can remember I have loved drawing, and after studying graphic design at a vocational school I went on to work at an ad agency and design office before starting to work independently. Currently I handle work on flyer and poster graphic design and package design, centering on Ishigaki-shima. I want to apply the concept of "HAPPY DESIGN" to make my clients' ideas come to form even better than they expected.


Born in Fukushima Prefecture. Currently residing on Ishigaki-shima. Graduated from graphic design school. Began working independently after gaining various design experience working at an ad agency and design office. In charge of New Ishigaki Airport's character design.

Works of HAPPY DESIGN Ritsuko Tadaki