• illustration
  • painting
  • creative direction
  • Graphic design
  • editing
I hope to bring new value to handicrafts and spread them both domestically and abroad.
Born and raised on the island next to Ishigaki-shima, Iriomote-shima, after working on t-shirt designs for musicians in Tokyo, I began to undertake illustrating. Currently I handle live events, logo design, illustration, and direction and PR for traditional handicrafts. The majority of my works use the nature of Yaeyama as a motif. In the future I hope to bring new value to handicrafts by carrying out art direction and design, and spreading it both domestically and abroad.


Born on Iriomote-shima. Mother is native of Ishigaki-shima. Works as the Okinawa area director for the joint international exhibition "rooms". Currently manages "Plant&Soil" in Naha while working as a creator.

Works of Danson