Yuji Aoyama
Yuji Aoyama

  • advertisement planning
  • creative direction
  • product design
  • writing
  • editing
  • and more
Through re-design, breathing new life into scrap materials.
I'm a producer for the product brand NEWSED, whose concept is "to look at old things from a new perspective, and resurrecting them as something new". From planning scrap material workshops for corporations, to re-designs of waste material produced by department stores and commercial buildings to be "up-cycled" and sold as new products, I am involved in various things, and am now focused mostly working as a design producer for capsule figures and design goods.


Born in 1980, Kanagawa Prefecture. After graduating university and spending a year living on Ishigaki-shima, followed by six months living as a backpacker, he settled into his current occupation in 2006. He is active in producing and directing mainly design projects.

Works of Yuji Aoyama