Chikawo Kanaoka
Chikawo Kanaoka

  • Film
Ishigaki-shima is filled with an expressive environment and people and I want to share this natural beauty through visuals.
I am a freelance cameraman whose work includes television commercials, and I continue to be active in my life's work, to record the annual "Haru Ichiban Concert". The expressive environment and people of Ishigaki-shima provides inspiration for my creativity. In creating my art, I cherish the "light," and in the future I want to do projects such as short films set on the island, and continue to share the natural beauty of Ishigaki-shima through visuals.


Born in Osaka, currently residing in Ishigaki City. After working at video production companies in Tokyo and Osaka, became freelance in 1988. Works on a wide range of projects including television commercials, corporate video packages, and music videos.

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