Konoha Sakai
Konoha Sakai

  • illustration
  • painting
Seeking to express the wonder of this lively island and its animals, and colors and shapes of the nature here.
I was captivated by a visit to the Yaeyama Islands while in college, and moved here after graduating. I currently create and sell goods such as hand crafted t-shirts and bags at "HAPPAJIRUSHI" as well as doing illustration design for logos, business cards, and paper media. Finding inspiration in the sky, sea and air, and building stories from the various colors each person possess within, my motto is to cherish these things when I create my artwork, and I hope I can continue to make art that represents myself.


After graduating from the Art Department of the Osaka University of Arts, she began her craft work using the natural scenery of Yaeyama as a motif. She has been in charge of the package illustration for "Ishigaki-shima no Mizu" as well as the logo design for Herb Festival in Yaeyama "Nuchigusa".

Works of Konoha Sakai