Yasutaka Tsuzuki
Yasutaka Tsuzuki

  • illustration
  • painting
  • Graphic design
  • sculptures
  • metal engraving
Creating chainsaw carvings, store interior designing, and jewelry items.
I studied under Shigeru Komura, a traditional craftsman from Okinawa Prefecture, and was doing woodturning and furniture making until I encountered chain saw carving and shifted over to sculpting. These days, I make realistic sculptures of animals, in addition to making furniture, doing interior design for shops, making jewelry, and other sorts of order-made products. Day after day, I find myself deeply impressed by the life force that I see in living things on Ishigaki. In the future, I hope to try my hand at metal engraving, and craft things using various different materials.


Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1978. Started studying under Shigeru Komura in 2006 after moving to Ishigaki-shima, and in 2011, started to pursue sculpting. Participated in the 2012 edition of Okiten and won his first prize. In the following year, 2013, he won the highest award, the Okiten Prize, with a work titled “Mud Crab.”

Works of Yasutaka Tsuzuki