Umiirogarasu Yururu
Umiirogarasu Yururu

  • glassware production
Creating glass with ocean colors to meet people's expectations of the deep blue of Ishigaki-shima.
After running into health problems, I moved to Ishigaki-shima, where my family traveled on vacation every year. Wanting to spread the deep blue of Ishigaki-shima's oceans that people who live and work away from the island think about, I began working on sea colored glass. Now I touch up the glass I make into accessories and various goods, and sell them on the internet and at "Umigarasu Yururu".


Moved to Ishigaki-shima 10 years ago. Makes sea colored glass accessories and goods. Sells works online and at "Umigarasu Yururu".

Works of Umiirogarasu Yururu