Yoshikazu Okada
Yoshikazu Okada

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  • copywriter
I want to create exciting ad copy that enlivens. Ishigaki-shima, where I was born and raised.
I enjoy advertisements, and after studying copywriting in Tokyo, I went into writing ad copy and creating mobile site branding plan proposals. At do ad copy, naming, radio commercials and more on Ishigaki-shima. I have started to feel that this island that I grew up on was lacking in stimuli, and so I want to create things that would excite people. Here on out I'd like to create interesting posters and commercials for local shops, and really bring life to the town.


Born on Ishigaki-shima. After graduating university, enrolled in a copywriter training program where he learned the ad copy trade and was hired by a advertising production company. Holding dear to his heart the thought of "making Ishigaki-shima a more enjoyable place," he returned to the island and is currently working as a copywriter.

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