Junko Komori
Junko Komori

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Creating works with my film camera and distributing them on Instagram.
While traveling, I used to casually take photos of different sceneries. Some of these photos would bring a smile to people’s faces, and this is what inspired me to start taking photographs. I try to capture the color of the sky or the view of the twinkling sea in Ishigakijima as I look out from the veranda of my house, capturing scenery that looks different day by day. I want people to get a nice, warm feeling when they see my photos. From here on I hope to open photo exhibits and publish postcards and photo collections with the photos I take of the scenery of the Yaeyama islands.


Born in Tokyo, she now lives on Ishigaki-shima. She became interested in cameras after working as temporary staff at a photo printing company and has had experience working as an assistant in a photo studio in town and in a hotel, and has also worked as a photographer for a free newspaper.

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