Yoshiaki Tomizaki
Yoshiaki Tomizaki

  • Graphic design
Original design t-shirt production. Looking to spread the island's nature and culture to the world.
Taken in by Ishigaki-shima's nature, I moved here 15 years ago. I started by doing hand-drawn t-shirts, and now I manage a t-shirt shop while printing t-shirt designs I have made with my special techniques and selling them. I'm also expanding into public activities such as appearing in commercials with the original character "Goya-kun". Next I want to engage in painting, design the nature and culture of the island, and expand out into the world.


Moved to Ishigaki-shima 15 years ago. Runs the souvenir shop "A". Designs, prints, and sells t-shirts. Is also expanding out into public activities, appearing at events with his original character.

Works of Yoshiaki Tomizaki