Moriaki Ota
Moriaki Ota

  • Graphic design
  • package design
  • Interior design
Valuing the simple-ness of hand drawn art in T-shirt and event logo design
I studied clothing design in Tokyo, and then trained under the dyeing and weaving artisan Akio Ishigaki on Iriomote-shima before returning again to Tokyo. I worked as a textile assistant at Issey Miyake Men, before returning again to work on Ishigaki-shima, doing logo design for a friend which then lead to me continuing working in logo design. I draw inspiration from the shapes, curves and balance in the natural environment of Ishigaki-shima, and want to cherish the simplicity of hand drawing in my work.


Born on Ishigaki-shima. Returned home to Ishigaki-shima at age 30, and while working independently was also involved in shop, T-shirt, and logo design. He worked on the logo for "Uta no Hi Concert" organized by BIGEN from Ishigaki-shima.

Works of Moriaki Ota