Mio Otsuka
Mio Otsuka

  • animation
  • illustration
  • painting
  • Graphic design
  • writing
While selling my works at shops on the island, I exhibit my oil and acrylic paintings independently as well.
From the time I became aware of the world around me, I started painting, and that set me off to work for several digital content creation companies and design companies and then starting to work freelance. I now do illustrations, paintings, and essay work while creating postcards, tenugui towels, daily calendars, t-shirts and more, and sell them at stores on the island. In 2014 I also held an independent exhibit of my oil and acrylic paintings in Nihonbashi in Tokyo. I want to pursue painting in new directions and forms.


Born in Tokyo, she now lives on Ishigaki-shima. After Kuwazawa Design School, she studied abroad in Spain. She is the recipient of the Shiseido Spirited Women Homepage Examiners’ Special Prize; the Okinawa Exhibit, Painting Division’s Honorable Mention (for oil painting), and others.

Works of Mio Otsuka