Kiyotaka Kitajima
Kiyotaka Kitajima

  • creative direction
  • Photo
  • Film
Working as photographer and cameraman for magazines and advertisements. Want to express the Okinawa's wonderfulness to the world.
When I worked in a hotel, I used to look at the pamphlets featuring photos that had clearly been taken on their scheduled dates in spite of the bad weather. I then became convinced that I would be able to do a better job at taking the photos as somebody who lived on the island, as part of the location and the weather. Nowadays I take still photos for magazines, advertisements, and TV dramas. he 360° views of the sky, the seas that can be felt with all the five senses... I believe that by living on an island, people become a part of nature as well. Going forward, I'd like to work to spread the charm of Okinawa's isolated islands to the world.


Born in Tokyo. Resident of Ishigaki for 26 years. At 20 years old, he visited Kohama-shima, with a population of a mere 500 people, where he learned the essence of human life. After graduating from university, he worked in Kohama-shima. He has now relocated to Ishigaki-shima, where he works as a cameraman.

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