Yusuke Maehana
Yusuke Maehana

  • Music
My roots are in the songs of Yaeyama. Video, photo, painting collaboration.
As a singer/song writer my songs are themed around the history, nature, and culture of Yaeyama, and I sing both original and folk song arrangements. I perform while doing collaborations with video, photos, and paintings, aiming for live performances that can give the audience a real feel for Yaeyama, performing over 200 live shows each year. Singing about Yaeyama is the root of my creativity. I hope to present the messages held in the traditions and legends passed down by the people of the past, and the nature and culture of the island itself.


Born in Miyara, Ishigaki City. Graduated from Waseda University's School of Political Science and Economics. His grandfather was a folklore scholar, and his father and younger brother are both Yaeyama folk song champions. He works as a youth training adviser and a Yaeyama regional guidance personnel, and is engaged in education in truant support, etc.

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