Yuki Mitsumori
Yuki Mitsumori

  • WEB
  • application development
  • CG
  • illustration
  • painting
  • Graphic design
  • Photo
  • Film
  • writing
  • editing
Exhibiting a wide variety of works centered on Tanka poems. Hoping to express the charm of the island in new ways.
I do various writing, focused around Tanka poems, take part in Tanka events as a panelist, edit the "Tanka Portal Site tankaful", work on self-published Tanka and picture compilations, photography, design, logo and web design, and more. Starting as a designer in my college days, I moved to Ishigaki-shima after finding employment in internet business. From here on out I want to try and develop apps that will spread from Ishigaki-shima to the world.


Born in 1979 in Hyogo Prefecture. In 2008, his “Sky Wallpaper (Sora no Kabegami)” was awarded the 54th Annual Kadogawa Tanka Award. He has had essays published in Tanka compilation magazines such as "Kurashi no Techo". He was in charge of the logo design for Painushima Ishigaki Airport 1 year anniversary.

Works of Yuki Mitsumori