Rei Nakaima
Rei Nakaima

  • illustration
  • painting
  • advertisement planning
  • Graphic design
Holds painting classes for children while also working with advertisements and designs for traditional industrial crafts.
While working on advertising and design for Ishigaki-shima's traditional Minsa weaving, I also do pencil and colored pencil sketches and paintings on my own. Additionally, I run a molding and painting class for children. I got into all of this because I have a love for crafts and drawing. here is a beauty in the vivid colors of Ishigaki-shima's natural environment that cannot be found anywhere else. I hope that I can create a place for the children of the island to express themselves.


Born in Saitama Prefecture. Currently residing on Ishigaki-shima. After graduating the School Of Visual Transmission Design at Musashino Art University in 1966, decided to move to Ishigaki-shima the year after visiting Iriomote-shima to sketch pictures. Currently active as a sketch artist working with pencils and colored pencils.

Works of Rei Nakaima