Koji Nakanishi
Koji Nakanishi

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With the theme of "the happiness of Japan's south" I take pictures of the people and nature of the island.
After experiencing the various creative businesses at an advertising company, I was captivated by the nature of the Yaeyama islands, and moved my operations here. Currently I shoot advertising photography and journalism photos for media, as well as resort weddings, of the nature and people of the island. While living here I have been blessed with two daughters, and my daily photography has become an act of "capturing our hometown" as I photograph the scenery of the island. In the future I'll begin taking family portraits amidst the scenery of the ocean and woods.


Born in 1967 in Mie Prefecture. Graduated from the Law Department of Ritsumeikan University. Has earned several awards, including the 2nd littlemoreBCCKS Photo Book Exhibition Meisa Fujishiro Award. Published works such as "Ishigaki-shima ni Ikitai (Familymart.com)".

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