Eiichiro Yoza
Eiichiro Yoza

  • illustration
  • painting
  • Graphic design
I want to express the scenery and atmosphere of the roadways and houses I have seen since my childhood.
Deeply impressed by the works of my uncle, painter Eishin Yoza, I too set out doing my own art. Currently I work out of Tokyo mainly designing illustrations for flyers, posters, logos, an business cards. Starting on a new path, I've also started writing manga. Someday I'd like to base one of my works in Ishigaki-shima. Not just the ocean and nature, but the roads and houses, apartments and shopping arcades that I saw growing up, I want to include it all in an expression of the island's scenery and atmosphere.


Born in 1986, on Ishigaki-shima. Currently resides in Tokyo. In charge of the artwork for the logo and goods of the band "Toremono", from Ishigaki-shima. Also sells original character stamps on the app LINE.

Works of Eiichiro Yoza