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We inherit the gifts of the culture and nature of days long past for a fulfilling life.
Currently, I am a guide for eco-tours of the island's oceans and forests. Whether for business or pleasure, I spend much of my time in nature, and I photograph the beautiful landscapes of this island and its rare living creatures. I love to photograph at night, the fireflies, the starry skies, the nocturnal animals, and will often spend all night in the forests. Our elders have passed on fishing and agriculture to us, and I want to live a fulfilling life among the bounty of nature, while bringing this to others as well.


Born in Tokyo. Resident of Ishigaki for 10 years. Born and raised in the countryside of Tokyo, but moved to Ishigaki-shima after being captivated by its natural environment. While conducting eco-tour guides, also works on the side as a photographer, creating collections of photos and poetry.

Works of rinpana