Masao Mitsuda
Masao Mitsuda

  • Film
Film editor for cable television. Next I want to take on feature films.
I learned the enjoyment of capturing the environment when I was an elementary school student, looking through the lens of an astronomical telescope. Currently I shoot and edit programs on local cable television, and am in charge of the Ishigaki City Hall promotional video "Shimin no Hiroba". Ishigaki-shima possesses such waves of energy that are much more powerful than any good or evil or value system that humans can muster up. From here out I plan to try my hand at film production in video, and as for photography I want to report the condition of the world and broadcast both within and beyond Ishigaki-shima.


Born 1972 in Kyoto. After graduating Otani University Department of Literature, Buddhist Studies, he spent his twenties backpacking, and moved to Ishigaki-shima in 2002. Currently he is employed at Ishigaki Cable TV, where he works in program production.

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