Masato Hagiya
Masato Hagiya

  • CG
  • advertisement planning
  • creative direction
  • Graphic design
  • package design
  • Interior design
  • product design
  • Photo
  • Film
  • writing
  • editing
  • and more
I want to express the beauty of the world and the joy of life in many ways to the world.
After working as a photographer, journalist, essayist, theater performer, and many other activities of many genres at home and abroad, I moved to Ishigaki-shima and took great inspiration from the bounty of the nature and the lives of the people living here. In the future, I want to hold exhibitions around the world, based from Tokyo, to spread the charm of Ishigaki-shima, and invite artists active around the world to the island and allow for the people to experience the world's leading art.


President of Office MA-BO. Based in Tokyo and New York, he is active in video, photography, essay writing, stage performances, and a wide variety of fields. Has a wide range of personal connections from the stars of Hollywood to the children of Ishigaki-shima.

Works of Masato Hagiya