Natsuko Komura
Natsuko Komura

  • illustration
  • pottery
  • candle making
Making pottery and candles in our workshop on this island of abundant colors.
Ever since I was young, I've liked crafts and drawing, which then led to my current productions. Currently I work mostly doing pottery and candle making. Ishigaki-shima has wonderful nature, and is bursting with vibrant color. I want to make my works not just something you look at, but something that you sense and feel. In the future I want to work along with other artists to take on new challenges.


Captivated by the pottery of Ishigaki-shima when visiting as a student, she then moved to the island. Currently she works at "Komu Workshop" making pottery, Okinawan lion statues, and candles, and illustrating things like welcome boards.

Works of Natsuko Komura