Livening up Ishigaki with Creativity.

Standing a flag on the island’s creativity, “Ishigaki Creative Flag,” is about gathering people who work in creative fields of work such as designers, illustrators, cameramen, and editors. This creator community started in the Fall of 2013 and works on cultivation and PR.

With the goal of “Livening up Ishigaki with Creativity,” there are many workshops such as creative workshops for the residents of Ishigaki and the “Ishigaki Creative Labo,” which was created to improve the creative skills and the public relations campaigns of the creators who participate.

Creator's FileCreator Introductions


In fall 2014, Ishigaki-shima Creative Flag, which aims to “Enliven Ishigaki-shima as a creative place”, started the “Ishigaki-shima Creative Labo” study group to allow the community to gather with creators to think about what they can do for Ishigaki-shima. Inviting designers and editors active domestically and abroad as guests, they made reports on the 5 heated discussions they had.

vol.1“Enliven the islands through creativity”Atsuko Isamoto editor at The Archipelago News
vol.2“Advanced creative advertising making use of the region”Kouichi Kawajiri – Tohoku University of Art and Design associate professor / Ginga Lighter chairman
vol.3“Cities and societies built from design” Gen Teraichi – Machizu Creative representative director / Yuta Oda – Creative director
vol.4“Creators taking on the world”Eisuke Tachikawa / NOSIGNER president/designer
vol.5“The creativity of the regions of Japan”Toshihiro Takahashi / Discover Japan editor-in-chief
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